For some patients, dental visits provoke anxiety, leading them to put off, or avoid going to the dentist. When restorative procedures are required, this anxiety can increase, to the point that it is difficult for the treatment to be accomplished. Fortunately, in addition to local anesthetic to minimize discomfort during dental procedures, at Radiant Dental, we also offer sedation dentistry as an option.

Sedation enables patients who experience anxiety to relax before and during their dental visits, to the point that they may not even recall the details of the appointment. This not only allows the dental visit to go quickly and smoothly, but may also leave the patient with less anxiety about dental treatment in the future.

Oral Sedation

At Radiant Dental, we offer Conscious Oral Sedation, which does not involve needles, often a key trigger for patients who experience anxiety about dental visits.

Conscious Oral Sedation is administered before the dental procedure and possibly during, It provides a moderate level of sedation, so it is suitable for patients with a mild to a higher level of anxiety. Patients are still awake with conscious sedation, but will be groggy and relaxed. Oral sedation takes time to wear off, so patients should bring a caregiver to take them home after their appointments.

If anxiety keeps you from regular dental visits, or you have been avoiding dental work that has been recommended, don’t let your oral health suffer any longer. Visit Radiant Dental Group and inquire about Sedation Dentistry in Surrey, for a relaxed and pain-free dental experience.